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Fishing Tours

From May through September, we offer peaceful, beautiful surroundings where you can relax while fishing on one of Red Indian Lakes many rivers; the Victoria River, Warfords River, Solomon's River, Shanaditty River, East Tulks River, Lloyds River. We also fish famous Star and Hynes Lakes..

Come fish with us aboard the Blue or Black Mariah, fish for land lock salmon, speckled trout, and char. Which one will you catch?

$150 per person, per day , accommodations only.($200 per person, per day all meals and shore lunches included) (Group Rates Available - 6 or more). 50% non-refundable deposit required on all bookings. (However, full credit will be issued for future trips at regular price.)

Boat and guide are $300 per day. Can be cost shared.




CALL: 1 877 672 4455 AND ASK FOR MERV.

"From hotel staff, to our local guides, our hospitality is unbeatable. You'll feel at home with the Red Ochre Crew, you have my word"

- Red Ochre Merv

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Poster of the Week



Lloyd's River Lodge - - Come fish with us and you'll never have to lie again !!

Photo of the Week

Red Ochre Merv's Fishing Report

Tour Last Updated: Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to Fish - part 1 (Always know where you want to cast - AIM)

How to Fish - Part 2. (Be patient - WAIT)

How to Fish - part 3 (Always be proud of your catch - SMILE.

Noodles Homecoming - Aug 28, 2011

Fun for the whole Family at Lloyd's River Lodge - July 16, 2011

Lloyd's River Dragon in action - Aug 16, 2010

All in a day's work ! Aug 15, 2010

Memories are forever !

Ray Cole Fishing Tour -Aug 10-12/10

Starting out

One of the best !

View from Lloyd's River lodge !

Aug 24-28, 2009

One of many !

Oh yes - I see the fish now !

Okay boys - here's the plan !

Once a cook - always a cook !

Chess Cribbs Annual "Pothole " Fishibg Tour - Aug 24-28, 2009

The Carey's Fishing Tour - July 26 - 29/09

A proud "POP" with daughter and grandson ! July 27/09

Follow your dreams ! Lloyd's River

What a wonderful life !!

Breath-taking ! Lloyd's River

Come on in - the water's warm ! The Carey's Fishing Tour

The Red Ochre Threesome - July 28/09

There's fun for the whole family at Lloyd's River lodge - The Carey's - July 26 - 29/09

Anyone for dessert !!

The Fishing Queen does it again - Julu 27/09

The Carey's at Lloyd's River Lodge - July 28/09

Enjoying the evening - Carey's Fishing Tour - July 26-29/09

Family and Friends ! July 29/09

Brother Harold's Annual Flipper Fishing Tour - June 24 - 27/09

Beautiful Lloyd's River !

The master at work - June 25/09

Red Ochre Harold

Finally got a bite - Red Ochre Merv

Dining at the lodge !!

OK boys ! Head for the river !

Fit for a king !!

I,ll never have to lies again !!

It looks like heaven to me ! June 26/09

The Storyteller's Fishing Tour - June 14 - 18/09

Red Ochre Manfred and Karen - The Storyteller's - June 14 - 18/09

This picture tells it all ! - June 17/09

Storyteller's cool down ! - June 18/09

I found it " - Drinks on me ! June 17/09

Breakfast at Lloyd's River Lodge - June 17/09

Picture time at Lloyd's River lodge - June 17/09

Red ochre Manfred - June 18/09

Lloyd's River Lodge - June 18/09

Beautiful Red Indian Lake - June 16/09

Storytelle'rs Fishing Tour Crew taked a break - June 14 - 18/09

Lloyd's River Lodge Breakfast - June 18/09

The Storyteller's take an adventure in the forest - June 17/09

Thomas's Annual Fishing Tour - July 23 - 27/09

"ME AND MY DAD" Fishing Tour - July 23 - 27/09

Thomas does it again - July 26/09

Like father - like son - July 25/09

Red Ochre Chris - July 25/09

Thomas gets a great catch - July 25/09

Fishing buddies

This is the Life ! - Thomas the young fisherman - June 25/09

Its so good to be here - July 26/09


Behold ! The magic of the "Mighty Shannaditti River "

Father's Day Special - Click Here

Red Ochre Rhonda - June 6/09

Proud as a Peacock - June 6/09

Lloyd's River Special - June 6/98

Red Ochre Gerald - June 6/09

Just a minute ! Red Ochre Merv

You'll never have to lie again - June 4/09

The Magic continues - June 4/09

Red Ochre Mel - June 4/09


Milan Fishing Tour - May 14 - 17/09

The best of the best ! - May 16/09

Nothinig to it ! Milan Fishing tour - May 14 - 17/09

Milan Fishing Crew - May 14 - 17/09

Red Ochre Dianne - May 16/09

Red Indian Lake - May 16/09

Fun for the whole family - May 16/09

Milan Fishing Tour- Dining at the Lodge - May 14 -17/09

Milan Fishing Crew at Lloyd's River Lodge - May 14 - 17/09

Red Ochre Marg and Jack - May 16/09



Ches Cribb's Annual - Pothole Fishing Tour - Sept 5 - 8/08

Everyone's a winner on a Red Ochre Fishing Tour

Cheers from Ches Cribb's Pothole Fishing Crew - Sept 5 - 8/08

On the road again ! Ches Cribb's Pothole Fishing Tour - Sept 5 - 8/08

It's written in the dust !

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Lloyd's River Gypsy

Dear Lord, is a 10 pounder to much to ask for !

The Carey's at Lloyd's River - June 27 - 30/08

The Fishing Queen of Lloyd's River - June 28/08

Leah of Lloyd's River - June 28/08

Not bad for a little guy ! Th Carey's Fishing Tour - June 28/08

Lloyd's River Lodge - June 28/08

Red Ochre Leah and Tom - June 29/08

The Carey's Family Fishing Tour - June 27 - 30/08

For Family Fishing Tours Call 1 877 672 4455

Go ahead ! Wrap Me - June 28/08

Cooking up a storm !!

A lesson in "Baiting the Hook" - The Carey's Fishing Tour - June 27 -30/08

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The Best of Friends - June 14/08

Across the River - June 14/08

Lloyd's River Lodge - The place to be ! - June 14/08

A good day's catch - June 14/08

Cruising down the river - June 14/08

Mr. Moose looks on - June 14/08

Lucky Strike Bikers Run - Aug 1 - 3/08

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Father's Day and Family Gift Certificates available !

Thomsas get a lessom from the skipper - May 31/08

Thomas the Fisherman and Dad - May 31/08

The Blue Mariah - Heading up Red Indian Lake - May 31/08

Lots more where this came from -May 31/08

Red Ochre Barbara and Kevin - May 31/08

Red Ochre Chris and Thomas - May 31/08

Red Indian Lake - May 31/08

Lloyd's River Lodge - May 24/08

Red Ochre Kevin - May 24/08

The Perfect Father's Day Gift ! - Click Here !

Red Ochre Matty - May 24/08

Fishing Season begins - May 17/08

Come and get em ! - May17/08

Red Ochre Fred - May 24/08

Just waiting for you - May 17/08

Red Ochre Shannon - May 17/08

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Behold - The Mighty Wile's River

This is how's its done Boys!

Ches cribb,s Annual - Pothole Fishing Tour - Aug 25/07

A Fisherman,s Dream - Aug 25/07

Red Ochre Reg - Aug 25/07

Red Ochre Ches - Aug 25/07

Red Ochre Reg (Champ) - Aug 25/07

Red Ochre Oscar - Aug 25/07

Red Ochre Onslow - Aug 25/07

Ches Cribb,s Annual - Pothole Fishing Tour - (The Results) Aug 25/07

Ches Cribb,s Annual - Pothole Fishing Tour - Aud 25/07

Lloyds River Lodge - Where the action is!

Ches Cribbs Annual - Pothole Fshing Tour - Aug 25/07

There,s no place like it! Aug 15/07

Red Ochre Fred and karen - July 21/07

The Fishing Queen - July 21/07

The Skipper and Jakie - July 21/07

Princess of the water - Red Ochre Ros - July 11/07

The Proud Rebels - Red Ochre Fred and Karen - July 11/07

Lloyd's River Lodge - July 11/07

Red Ochre Tom - July 11/07

Red Ochre Aaron - July 11/07

Beautiful Red Indian Lake - June 27/07

Red Ochre Harold - June 27/07

Red Ochre Judy - Taking in the view - June 27/07

O yeah! - June 4/07

Red Ochre Adam - May 30/07

Red Indian Lake - May 30/07

Red Ochre Wes - May 30/07

The Skies the limit!

Behold! The Mighty Victoria

First Launch - 2007 season

Our big ones don't get away!

Red Ochre Melv - 8lbs 4ozs

Red Ochre Jack

Red Ochre Scott

Lloyd,s River Lodge

Lloyd's River

Red Ochre Keith

Red Ochre Merv and Norene

Lloyd's River

Red Ochre Norene

Red Ochre Bill

Boarding the Blue Mariah

Captain on Board

Red Ochre Robert

Snack time aboard the Blue Mariah

Launching the Blue Mariah

Red Ochre Carolann ad Robert

Behold ! The Black Mariah


Ready to sail

Meal Time

A fisherman's SOS

Heading out on a fishing tour

Red ochre Merv,Ches and Pete

Ches Cribb crew

Fishing from the rocks

Birthday Greetings from the Ochre

Red Indian Lake

The Mighty Victoria River

Captain Merv - King of the River

Red Ochre Liam and Michael

A popular fishing spot

Fred and the Missus - June 3, 2006

This could be you !! Come give it a try

Its a gray foggy day

And they laughed when the fog rolled in!

The're here - Come and get em! {June 3/06}

Red Ochre Fred

Red Ochre Ron

Carved in Stone

The singing fisherman

Red Ochre Merv and Friends

A meal fit for a king

Lunch time

Big Red at its best

We stop at nothing

Lloyd's River

Big Red Parade

Ready to Fish

Deep Waters

Riding the Waves

Full Steam Ahead

Ready to set sail

Meelpeg Boil up

Meelpeg Lake

Red Ochre Ron

Red Ochre Darin

Steve and King David

Red Ochre Ada and Scotty

Lillian and Marion - Fisherladies

Chest Crib Fishing Tour

A Fisherman's Delight

A Quiet Brook

Red Ochre Merv and friends

Catch for the day

Red Ochre Reg, Ches, Eddie and Buck

Red Ochre Bernie

Good fishing ahead

The show must go on

The Bishop Falls New Horizon Club

The Bishop Falls New Horizon Club

The Bishop Falls New Horizon Club

Buy and Sell Red Ochre Ad

Trepassey Fishing Derby and Boat Tour

Trepassey Fishing Derby and Boat Tour

Red Ochre Ada

Trepassey Fishing Derby and Boat Tour

Trepassey Fishing Derby and Boat Tour

Trepassey Fishing Derby and Boat Tour

Outdoor Fireplace

The Connors Family Reunion

Red Ochre Ada

Trepassey Friendship Club

Trepassey Friendship Club - Bus Tour

Trepassey Friendship Club - A day at the Beach

Marystown Rovers

Dangerous Dan

Star Lake

Enjoying the Ride

Red Ochre Dan


Yellowbird and Friends

Red Ochre Tonya and Merv

Skipper in Training

Skipper in Training

Red Ochre Tonya

Red Ochre Mike

Red Ochre Mike and Charlie

Red Ochre Tonya

Star Lake


Codroy Valley Ramblers

Codroy Valley Ramblers

Red Ochre Ruby Anne

Red Ochre Merv, Ron and Rick

Rogers Crew

3 Generations of Butlers

Red Ochre Neil

Gander Crew

Thompson Crew


Rogers Fishing Tour

Red Ochre Ches

Black Mariah

Fishing Tour

Fishing Tour

Red Ochre Debbie and Merv

Red Ochre Keith

The Red Ochre Trio

Secret Stream

Red Ochre Keith and Michael

Blue Mariah

Red Ochre Debbie

Red Ochre
Red Ochre fisherman
Red Ochre Merv Charlie
Red Ochre fishing
Red Ochre dining room
Red Ochre Iron Butt

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